Thank You! Have A Nice Day

  • £30.00


Size: 11"X17"X21" (27+14 X 21CM)
Thickness: 18 Micron


Pack Size: 10 Box, 700 Pcs
Box Dimension: L 55 X W 28 X H 7.5 CM
Quantity per Box: 70 Pcs

Features & Benefits

  • Our High-density polyethylene (HDPE) T-shirt carrier bags are made to make your shopping or Take Away look really great.
  • Upgrade your presentations and service levels by using our bags.
  • The bag features a white body and Yellow/Black or Red/Blue as shown in photos with Thank You written.
  • Excellent cost effective and sturdy point of sale carrier bag to allow generous capacity.
  • HDPE material bag with side gusset and integral cut out vest handle.

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